Travelers’ Treasures / Persimmon-dyed Flat Pillow

Persimmon tannin, known for having a rust prevention and moth proofing effect, has been carefully hand-dyed into this pillow’s materials of soft rush (a flowering plant) and cotton from cucumber moths, as well as in the embroidered tag (silk).

This is a soft rush, flat pillow, handmade with the original techniques of skilled craftsmen. Soft rush production quantities have been decreasing every year, but even under such circumstances only soft rush with springiness has been carefully selected out and used.

The extraction of the persimmon tannin and the hand-dying change every time due to a unique production method, so the color hue and feeling of each one is different and special.

Also because the persimmon tannin’s color hue gradually increases as it is touched by the sun's light, you can enjoy the change in color that occurs.

It is very lightweight and feels good to the touch. The great scent from the soft rush has also become a popular point. It fits into a specially made pouch with an air of luxury.

Price: ¥9,720

Manufacturer: Kyushu Bussan Co. in Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture


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