Travelers’ Treasures / Eso Soy Sauce (Fish sauce)

This is a collaboration between Yamasa Chikuwa, a long established maker of fish meat paste food such as chikuwa (a tube-shaped fish cake) and kamaboko (a boiled fish cake), and Ichibiki, a miso and soy sauce maker in the same city of Toyohashi.

Essential in Yamasa’s chikuwa is the fish “eso,” which has a fresh taste and texture. The desire to thoroughly draw out the flavor has been realized in the “Eso Soy Sauce” fish sauce.

In addition to the traditional Japanese fermentation method, by using soy sauce yeast that goes perfectly with eso fish, the salt amount is sharply reduced compared with conventional methods, resulting in a refined, rich and sharp-tasting fish sauce without a lingering fishy smell.

This sauce goes perfectly well not only with soups and stocks but also pasta, omelettes or carpaccio.

Price: ¥864 (100 milliliters )

Manufacturer: YAMASA Chikuwa Co. in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture

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