False eyelashes add sharpness, brighten overall appearance

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Once the false eyelashes are on, the eyes look sharper, similar to something that occurs when wearing eyeliner and mascara.

By Miwa Uehara / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterMost people think false eyelashes are for young people, so some middle-aged women may hesitate to try them — even though they want to — because wearing them might raise eyebrows.

However, false lashes are not only a stylish item that enhances one’s appearance, they have other benefits such as producing an overall sharp look and can also brighten one’s aura.

Junko Asaka, who offers makeup lessons for middle-aged women, emphasized the impact false lashes can have for women in this age group. As women get older, their eyelashes tend to fall out, the sheer number declining along with a drop in liveliness and strength.

“False eyelashes dramatically change the impression of your eyes. I strongly recommend women 40 and older use them,” Asaka said.

“Fake lashes have the combined effect of mascara and eyeliner, and users will be free from the drudgery of eye makeup.”

Using them makes eyelash curlers obsolete, and there’s no need to worry about makeup stains on the skin near the eyes, so there’s also no need for eye makeup remover. Just carefully pull off the fake lashes before washing your face, she said.

False eyelashes are available at ¥100 shops. The recommendation is to go with the ones made with soft material or those that say “natural lashes” or something similar on the label.

When selecting the best ones for your face, choose voluminous false eyelashes, if you have big eyes or your natural eyelashes are voluminous; or choose less voluminous ones if you have plain eyes or your natural eyelashes are thin.

Asaka also recommends buying eyelash glue specifically for false lashes at drug stores and other locations.

“Please choose skin-friendly glue — the brush-on type priced at around ¥1,000,” she said.

Before applying each false eyelash, make sure to check which is for the right and left side. The end that has the longer strips should be applied to the outer edge of the eye. Carefully peel off lashes from the tray, sliding them off (Photo 1). The lashes should be placed 2 or 3 millimeters inside the inner corner of the eye. They’re well-balanced when the lashes reach 2 or 3 millimeters further than the outer edge of the eye. If the false lash is longer than your own lash line, trim the inner side to adjust the length.

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    Before applying false eyelashes, a woman puts on natural makeup.

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    Place a mirror under your face, lift your chin and look downward to make your eyelids stretch when applying false eyelashes.

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    Various kinds of false eyelashes

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When handling them, pick them up by the tips of the strips.

“Don’t apply the lashes from the front of the eye, but place them over your natural lashes, just like putting on a hat,” Asaka said.

A self-standing mirror is convenient. Place the mirror under your face, lift your chin and eyebrows and look downward. In this way, your eyelids will be half-open and stretched.

Curl the lashes by rolling them around your finger (Photo 2). Vertically apply the brush-on glue to the lashes in vertical strokes and lightly apply in a sliding motion (Photo 3). Since lashes on both corners of the eye can easily come off, apply more glue there.

When the glue is half-dry, place false lashes on your eyelids (Photo 4).

“Place them on the center of where the natural bulk of your eyelashes begin. Press the inner corner and the outer edge in this order to affix them,” Asaka said (Photo 5).

If you fail, take off the glue and start over again. Once the false eyelashes are on, the eyes look sharper and bigger. “They both make your face and profile look more beautiful. The glue has the effect of lifting your eyelids a little,” Asaka said.

Bright facial expressions that are created naturally might add a little more confidence.

Many kinds available at ¥100 shops

Various kinds of false eyelashes are available at ¥100 shops. Colored and decorated lashes would be best suitable for masquerade parties. Long and thick lashes are good for those who act on stage. Crossed lashes are suited for people going to fancy gatherings such as wedding parties. Once you get used to wearing false eyelashes for everyday things, you can become a little more playful.


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