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The popular five-member idol group Arashi said Jan. 27 they will halt group activities at the end of 2020.

They reportedly made the decision through talks held after group leader Satoshi Ono, 38, expressed a wish to “live freely.” They are believed to have reached their decision because they thought they would be unable to give 100 percent to their fans unless Arashi has all five members.

Having debuted in 1999, Arashi has been enjoying popularity also in China and Taiwan, thanks to the five’s consistently friendly, boy-next-door characters, no matter how famous they have become as idols.

Their sense of togetherness seems to have also contributed to their popularity.

During a Jan. 27 press conference with all five attending, Ono said he wants to return the favor to Arashi fans every single day during the coming two years, thinking about ways to please them.





仲(なか)の良(よ)さ:sense of togetherness

恩(おん)返(がえ)しする:return a favor


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