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Courtesy of Mei Takehana

Mei Takehana, right, with a friend in front of the cafeteria on campus

By Mei Takehana (Sarah Lawrence College) / Special To The Japan News I try to take as many and as varied chances as possible. It might look like my interests and things I have done at Sarah Lawrence College are all over the place, but I believe that students, particularly at a liberal arts college, can benefit from taking many and varied chances.

In fall 2016, I took hold of an opportunity to challenge myself. I was and am neither a good writer nor even a writer, but I decided to go to SLC, which is known as a writing school.

In spring 2017, I took the opportunity to take a class about indigenous people, though I barely knew anything about them. The class gave me an opportunity to go to the United Nations to volunteer at a conference on indigenous issues — and the chance to realize my ignorance.

In fall 2017, I took the opportunity to attend an interdisciplinary program. As part of the program, I took dance classes, which I would never take otherwise. I also did community partnership work. I spent a lot of time in Yonkers, which has different demographics from Bronxville though they are only 10 minutes away from each other. I learned so much about Yonkers and dance, which I was not originally interested in, and the experiences broadened my knowledge.

In spring 2018, I took one of the best opportunities of my life. I studied abroad in Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The program focused on learning about cultures from experiences both inside and outside of the classroom, which included homestay and sightseeing. I had concerns before I went, but I took the chance before I missed it. The experience has changed the way I think and given me a new perspective. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

In fall 2018, I am taking a non-fiction writing class and a documentary filmmaking class. I will probably struggle because I am pretty bad at writing and have no experience in filmmaking. However, I will still take the chance and I look forward to learning something new and unexpected.

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I have no clue about my future, but there is one thing I know: I will always take every chance given to me.

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