Aunties’ sharp moves promote Osaka to the world

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Obachaaan members dance to their new song for a video recording with former Tomioka High School Dance Club members in Osaka.

The Yomiuri Shimbun OSAKA — Osaka aunties dance wildly in their latest music video, singing, “Osaka Obachan animal fashion!” and “Do you want candy?” in English.

Obachaaan, an “idol group” consisting of elderly women living in Osaka, released a new rap-style song called “Oba Funk Osaka” on Thursday, capitalizing on the Group of 20 major economies summit meeting to be held in Osaka at the end of this month.

This is the seventh song from the group since they formed in 2012 and the first that is mostly written in English.

Singing “Come on, Osaka!” the members of Obachaaan dance energetically to promote Osaka to the world. This time, they also joined up with former members of the dance club of Osaka Prefectural Tomioka High School in Sakai, which is famous for highly stylized dancing, fancy makeup and showy costumes.

The 15 aunties and 11 former dance club members clad in animal-print clothing dance to a rap-style song while flashing up the kanji for place names that are difficult to read, such as Kireuriwari and Hanaten, both in the city of Osaka. The song promotes Osaka as “the funniest town in the world.”

In December last year, Eiko Funai, 71, who takes the central position when the group is singing, was working at a convenience store as a part-time worker when she met akane, 26, who is a coach of the high school’s dance club.

From this beginning, Obachaaan teamed up with former members of the dance club, creating a music video in the Shinsekai district of Osaka in which they gave an energetic dance performance choreographed by akane.

They will hold an admission-free live performance for the new song at Tsutenkaku Tower on June 30.

“We’d like to tell the whole world that meddlesome Osaka aunties will act as a guide,” Funai said.

The new song is available on YouTube.


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