YouTuber duo’s history and future


Kanta, left, and Tommy broadcast live on YouTube as the number of their channel’s subscribers surpassed 4 million.

By MIZUTAMARI BOND / Special to The Yomiuri Chukosei ShimbunTommy: This is Tommy of MIZUTAMARI BOND.

Kanta: It’s Kanta here. This is the last time we’ll contribute to this medley column, so we’re going to talk about “until now” and “from now on” for us.

Tommy: This is something I’ve talked about before, but usually, YouTubers who’ve become popular have a video that’s become a huge hit. That’s the common pattern, although that’s not really the case with us.

Kanta: Yeah. When we started a YouTube channel while at university, we even visited our campus circle, which we’d hardly ever attended, and asked the members to watch our channel (lol). As we busied ourselves publicizing our channel on Twitter and following back our followers, our videos began getting viewed 1,000 times, and we felt like: “Whoa? People we don’t know are watching our clips.”

Tommy: Even when we held live shows, at first we would receive applications via email. Compared with those days, the relationship between us and our viewers has considerably changed. People who watched our videos in the beginning did so because they were looking for interesting ideas. They’re now looking forward to seeing entertainment by the two of us.

Kanta: No matter how our viewers increase, the voices of those who remain silent on internet bulletin boards and elsewhere are important as well. So I sometimes ask people who’ve been watching our videos for a long time, “What do you think of our videos lately?” When you become famous, people tend to have preconceptions that you’re interesting. It could be that you’re not really that interesting, and they may realize that, so ...

Tommy: We’ve been able to carry on this long, be it our shows or videos, because we’ve been our natural selves when we plan our strategies, I think. If we make things that sell, that’s just merchandise. I think we’ll never change our stance of doing what we want to do and aiming for success within that realm.

* * *

MIZUTAMARI BOND is a YouTube duo that believes in the importance of new ideas. They upload videos every day covering a variety of themes, such as experiments, myth-testing and surprise videos.

This article is a translation of the YouTube column that appeared last Friday in The Yomiuri Chukosei Shimbun, a weekly paper for junior high and high school students. The original Japanese text of “Creators’ Video Diary” and its English translation appear alongside each other in that paper on the final Friday of every month.Speech

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