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The following sentences contain expressions using the word “sasayaka,” which usually means “little.” Repeating these sentences will help you remember the expressions and expand your English conversation skills.

I enjoy small things.


We hope this plan will make a small contribution to stopping harassing phone calls.


We had a small wedding party with just family.


This is just a small present to thank you for being a good friend.


I made a modest return on my investment.


Don’t yield to temptation, however small.


There was a glimmer of self-pride in her remarks.


Buying a bouquet every two weeks is a little treat for myself.


I want to give my father a present as a small token of my thanks.


This is a little souvenir from my trip to Hakone.


Is my apartment spacious? It’s modest in size.

(私のマンションは広いかって? とてもささやかなものです)


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